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Brasilian party with Grupo Churrasco Na Brasa

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Grupo Churrasco Na Brasa is a dynamic musical ensemble that brings the vibrant rhythms and infectious energy of Brazilian music to audiences worldwide. With a repertoire spanning traditional samba, Roda de Samba, Samba de Pagode, and Samba de Raiz, the band creates an immersive experience that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Brazil.

Musical Expertise
Samba: A heartbeat of Brazilian culture, Grupo Churrasco Na Brasa delivers the essence of samba with every note.
Roda de Samba: Creating an intimate circle of music, the band invites audiences to join in the joyous celebration.
Samba de Pagode: Infusing lively rhythms and festive melodies, Grupo Churrasco Na Brasa brings the party to life.
Samba de Raiz: Embracing the roots of samba, the band offers a soulful journey into the heart of Brazilian music.

Band Members
Sebastian Merino: Lead vocals and cavaco
Jakob Stenberg Kain: Drums
Luis Eduardo Manoel: Pandeiro
Mário Luis: Tantan
Anders Hansen: Surdo

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